Christmas Bush Honey
This distinctive creamed honey is sourced from nectar derived from Tasmania¡¯s Christmas Bush, which flowers, as you may have guessed from the name, around the Christmas period. The honey has an enticing, slightly floral aroma, with a taste reminiscent of caramel fudge and is a delicious addition to pastries and desserts. And the good news is that you don¡¯t have to wait for Christmas to enjoy what is one of our most popular honeys all year round.
Lavender Honey
Tasmania is famous for its lavender. Its seductive fragrance evokes thoughts of long, languid summer days. Our honey captures the essence of these carefree times with a refreshing taste and the intoxicating aroma of lavender.
Vanilla Honey
The perfect combination, one of the world¡¯s favourite flavours joins forces with one the world¡¯s favourite honeys. Rich and silky smooth, this deliciously decadent honey is superb with ice cream or desserts.
Ginger Honey
Add a bit of spice to your life, with our zesty ginger honey. Like honey, ginger has been known through the ages for its therapeutic qualities. Blended with our natural, pure honey, it provides a combination that is not only healthful but tastes good too. The mix of finely chopped root ginger and meadow honey provides an alluring fusion that is the perfect addition to your morning toast, or adds the finishing touch to that steaming hot pancake.
Leatherwood Honey
Leatherwood honey accounts for around 70% of Tasmania¡¯s honey sales. It is the honey that is synonymous with our ancient cool climate rainforests. It is a honey for the connoisseur. With its distinctive spicy flavour and vibrant amber hues it has a rich depth of character. This is Tasmania¡¯s unique signature honey, supplied by a company that has been recognized for producing the best leatherwood honey in the world. Enjoy.
Honey Mead Ales, Strong Mead Ales, Honey Porter
Our refreshing range of honey mead ales are flavoursome, smooth, dry and clean tasting. Any thoughts that this may be a sweet drink disappear on the first sip. Our pure, natural honey is combined with the finest Tasmanian hops to provide a fine, mellow ale that tastes clean on the palate. The taste has just a hint of honey and is devoid of any harsh malt or hop aftertastes. It is a superb ale as an accompaniment to game, smoked foods, curries and spicy Asian dishes.

These premium quality ales are made in the traditional manner, with secondary fermentation occurring in the bottle. Although your honey mead will certainly be in superb condition to drink at the time of purchase, the secondary fermentation process allows the ale to get even better with age, similar to a fine wine. However, we warn customers that, once tasted, keeping any remaining supplies for any length of time will severely test your powers of self control.

Available in 4% Al. vol. and 8% Al. vol. varieties. Plus a 6% Al.vol. Honey Porter Ale. The range has no added preservatives or chemicals and is gluten free.
Honey Nectar Concentrate
Nectar may be known as the drink of the gods, but now mere mortals can also enjoy this heavenly delight through our exceptionally versatile and nutritious Honey Nectar Concentrate. The pure, natural goodness of Tasmanian honey is enhanced with mineral-rich natural spring water, apple cider vinegar and a carefully selected blend of twenty herbs and spices. Enjoy hot or cold as a refreshing substitute for tea or coffee. Use as a topping to put the finishing touch to your favourite dessert. Or be creative and use it to add that special something to your own secret marinade.